Stabilization Exercises

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Balance Training

Balance Training

…narrated presentation with training videos * Printable training manual * Online CEU exam Explore and master more than 100 exercises for optimizing balance and stability of the kinetic chain! You'll learn how to assess balance and in the process discover how to build and implement balance-training…

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5 Exercises to Combat the Negative Effects of Bad Posture

…with exercise intervention. For the purpose of this article the focus will be on the Active Subsystem (spinal muscles) as described by Panjabi in his spinal stability system model. The following five exercises can be used for most clients, requiring minimal time and no equipment. These exercises

Push the Plank: These variations take your client’s core to the next level!

…challenges core stability: From a plank, lift the opposite arm and leg (for example, left arm and right leg) and hold for 20 seconds. Return to the starting plank position and repeat with the other arm and leg. Unstable Base Perform any of these exercises on unstable bases, such as stability balls,…

Spice Up Your Client's Workout

…require improvements in their ability to stabilize themselves before advancing to higher intensity/heavier training. Applying this slight modification to the thousands of exercises that are out there has now just given you three times the number of exercises already in your tool box! So what are…

Core Training

Core Training

…* Online narrated presentation with training videos * Printable training manual * Online CEU exam Discover how to design and implement core-stabilization exercises for improved health and performance including progressions using stability balls, tubing, cables, foam rolls, medicine balls and more!

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Top Three Postural Problems Caused by Sitting and How to Fix Them

…trapezius and levator scapulae muscles and weakness in the deep cervical stabilizers. Over time, this posture can lead to neck pain and even headaches. Like the two previous distortions, stretching and strengthening exercises can help improve this condition. First, release the upper trapezius and…

Powering Through the Push-up: Variations and Progressions

…during the stabilization level, you can incorporate an unstable surface into the move (once the client can properly perform the standard push-up on a stable surface). Whether it’s a stability ball (figure 1.1), medicine ball, suspension trainer, BOSU, Core-Tex, or any other stability challenging…

Resistance Training Tips

…* 6-minute warm-up and balance training (stabilization). * Short transition. * 6-minutes of various lower-extremity strength exercises (e.g., dumbbell squats, body weight side lunges) performed as a small circuit or superset (i.e., two exercises performed in succession before taking a rest…

Six Squat Exercise Variations That Bring Great Results

…arms in a wide, snatch grip. Along with helping to identify body imbalances, this engages the core at a higher level to maintain balance and stability. Single-Leg Squat Stand on one foot on a knee-high bench. Put arms out and dip body until the other heel touches the floor. Taken from NASM's The…

I Sit All Day Long and Everything Aches.

…forces. Studies have shown that patients with low back pain have altered firing patterns of their stabilizing muscles. The transverse abdominus or TA is known to be the first to fire and stabilize in preparation for movement of the trunk or limbs. (3) It’s been further shown that re-teaching local…

30 Minute Workout Programs for Busy Clients

…skip those exercises in the short workouts. * Cool your client down with flexibility. We suggest using static stretches to help restore proper length-tension relationships in the tissues and avoid future muscle imbalances. Whether your client is a beginner, an intermediate exerciser, or an advanced…