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Single Leg Squat Assessment

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Hip Shifting Compensation? A Behind the Scenes Look at the Overhead Squat Assessment.

…what it means and how to address it. The overhead squat assessment is designed to assess dynamic flexibility, core strength, balance, and overall neuromuscular control (1). When taking a look at your client from behind during the assessment, the checkpoints to watch are the feet, the ankle complex…

How to Prevent ACL Injuries and Keep Your Clients on the Court Through Corrective Exercise Programming

…your feet and knees apart enough to put resistance on the band. Perform a ¼ squat with both feet supporting body weight. Hold squat position, shift weight fully onto one leg. Take a lateral step with the other un-weighted leg. Repeat, taking several lateral steps in one direction and then doing the…

DiStefano et al. evaluated gluteus maximus and...

…an overhead and single-leg squat assessment. Below is an example of how you could progress based upon exercise complexity: Gluteus medius: side-lying abduction > lateral tube walking > single-leg squat Gluteus maximus: single-leg Romanian deadlift > single-leg squat > transverse plane lunge…

Sports Performance Testing and Evaluation: The Whole Team Approach

…Overhead Squat Assessment, Single-leg Squat Assessment, gait analysis) * Flexibility  (i.e., Sit and Reach Test, Apley’s Scratch Test) * Muscular Endurance  (i.e., Push-up Test, Pull-up Test) * Cardiorespiratory Fitness (i.e., 12-minute Run Test, 300 Shuttle Run Test) * Performance Assessments

Movement assessments such as the Overhead Squat...

Movement assessments such as the Overhead Squat Test and Single-leg Squat Test help fitness professionals see and understand a client’s faulty movement patterns. How many of you actually use movement assessments with your clients? Do you find them useful and practical? Is there anything you would…

30 Minute Workout Programs for Busy Clients

…the warm-up, utilize dynamic flexibility. An example would be: * Prisoner squats (20) * Pushups with rotation (10 total, 5 each direction) * Single-leg squats (10 each leg) * Walking lunge with a twist (10 total, 5 each leg) Do each exercise in a circuit, quickly moving from one to another. This…

The Swimmer's Shoulder: A Corrective Exercise Perspective

…head posture and slightly rounded shoulders. Further assessments consist of goniometric (range of motion, see chart) and transitional movements. Specifically, shoulder flexion and glenohumeral internal/external rotation, the overhead squat, wall horizontal abduction, rotation, and shoulder flexion…

Ready for Shoulder Season? Here’s how to help your training clients claim strong shoulders.

…we do is a compound or full-body movement,” Mohagen says. “Even if we’re doing a rear delt movement, I’ll add something like a single leg Romanian deadlift, or squat to curl to press.” For more on compound workouts that involve the shoulders, check out the Build Swim Strength workout. * Be ready…

Goniometric Assessment

Goniometric Assessment

…be able to: * Describe the scientific rationale for goniometric assessment * Discuss the various components of a goniometer and specifically explain how to use it to measure joint range of motion * Correlate goniometric measurements to the Overhead Squat and Single-leg Squat movement assessments

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Running Pain: When Mileage and Dysfunction Meet

…the TFL, increased internal knee rotation, and low hamstring strength compared to the quadriceps in ITBS (1,6,7). During assessments such as the overhead or single leg squat, clients at risk of ITBS may display an inward knee compensation. Tightness of the IT-band is also associated with PFPS (8).…

Corrective Exercise Strategies for Basketball

Corrective Exercise Strategies for Basketball

…extremity and torso movement compensations (e.g. feet turn out/flatten, knees move inward, excessive forward lean) * Assessment techniques (e.g. Overhead Squat, Single-leg Squat, Goniometric Measurement, Manual Muscle Testing) * Corrective strategies using the traditional corrective exercise…

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Mirror Gait Retraining for the Treatment of Patellofemoral Pain in Female Runners

…During the last 4 sessions, mirror and verbal feedback were progressively removed. Hip mechanics were assessed during running gait, a single-leg squat assessment and a step descent assessment, both pre- and post-retraining. Subjects returned to their normal running routines and analyses were…

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