Overhead Squat Assessment

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Movement assessments such as the Overhead Squat...

Movement assessments such as the Overhead Squat Test and Single-leg Squat Test help fitness professionals see and understand a client’s faulty movement patterns. How many of you actually use movement assessments with your clients? Do you find them useful and practical? Is there anything you would…

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30 Minute Workout Programs for Busy Clients

…10% of bodyweight As fast as possible 0 Shoulders Seated overhead press 3 5 85% As fast as possible 0 Shoulders MB soccer throw 3 8 10% of bodyweight As fast as possible 0 Legs Squat 3 5 85% As fast as possible 120 sec. Legs Jump squats 3 8 10% of bodyweight As fast as possible 120 sec. = 8.6…

Overactive Versus Underactive Muscles: What Does It All Mean?

assessments, more specific assessments, such as passive range of motion and manual muscle testing, can be performed by a licensed professional. More information on these and other assessments can be found in the NASM Essentials of Corrective Exercise Training textbook. Overhead Squat Assessment What…

Goniometric Assessment

Goniometric Assessment

…be able to: * Describe the scientific rationale for goniometric assessment * Discuss the various components of a goniometer and specifically explain how to use it to measure joint range of motion * Correlate goniometric measurements to the Overhead Squat and Single-leg Squat movement assessments

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Tight calves? If your client’s feet turn out...

Tight calves? If your client’s feet turn out and/or flatten, knees cave in, or they display an excessive forward lean during the overhead squat assessment, their calves are probably overactive. NASM Faculty Instructor Kyle Stull demonstrates foam rolling techniques to address the calves. For…

Should You Foam Roll the Low Back?

…essential to perform some sort of a movement assessment that addresses total body strength and range of motion. For example, using the overhead squat assessment and watching for the client to maintain a neutral spine throughout the squat. This assessment is an easy to use tool that can indicate…

IT-Band Syndrome: Cause and Solution

…femoral condyle leading to symptoms. Assessment To determine possible risk for IT-band syndrome or to identify the potential reason why someone may have developed the condition, movement assessments (such as the overhead and single-leg squat assessments) should be performed. Based upon the…

Hip Shifting Compensation? A Behind the Scenes Look at the Overhead Squat Assessment.

…on to see what it means and how to address it. The overhead squat assessment is designed to assess dynamic flexibility, core strength, balance, and overall neuromuscular control (1). When taking a look at your client from behind during the assessment, the checkpoints to watch are the feet, the ankle…

Sports Performance Testing and Evaluation: The Whole Team Approach

Overhead Squat Assessment, Single-leg Squat Assessment, gait analysis) * Flexibility  (i.e., Sit and Reach Test, Apley’s Scratch Test) * Muscular Endurance  (i.e., Push-up Test, Pull-up Test) * Cardiorespiratory Fitness (i.e., 12-minute Run Test, 300 Shuttle Run Test) * Performance Assessments

Corrective Exercise Strategies for Basketball

Corrective Exercise Strategies for Basketball

…extremity and torso movement compensations (e.g. feet turn out/flatten, knees move inward, excessive forward lean) * Assessment techniques (e.g. Overhead Squat, Single-leg Squat, Goniometric Measurement, Manual Muscle Testing) * Corrective strategies using the traditional corrective exercise…

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