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Body & Soul: A more spiritual approach to fitness could give your clients a boost.

…trainers find that providing clients with logs can help make exercise a daily habit. You can also help motivate clients by connecting with them as much as possible through social media (daily Facebook posts or tweets). And use email or texts to check in personally. Community. Faith often comes alive…

7 Ways to Battle the Holiday Bulge Before it Begins.

…to include fitness in their schedule and to eat a healthy snack before going to parties so they’re not overly hungry and overly indulging. At holiday gatherings, have your clients mentally note the food they’re consuming to avoid mindless eating. The simple task of logging food intake can keep…

I Only Took One Bite…Accountability Means Having to Count!

…single one will solve the problem, but used in combination, or at different times with different clients, they may help you, help them, stay accountable. The Food Log Everyone hates them. Everyone should keep one (even fitness professionals!). Food logs increase awareness, increase accountability,…

Avoid Weight Gain this Holiday Season

…self-monitoring and helps you stay on track and avoid self-destructive behaviors. Self-monitoring is usually done in the form of a daily written record such as a food journal or exercise log. For example, track your eating habits over the holiday season by using a daily food journal. You’ll notice…

Simple Nutritional Strategies – Part 2

…evaluate these logs for consistent threads. * Step Two: Thoughts and emotions are generally intense, but short-lived, therefore strategize a distraction to replace or reduce that desire for food. For example, when a craving occurs, calling a friend to vent, expressing thoughts in a journal, playing…

Simple Nutritional Strategies – Part 1

…for success is focused around awareness of the triggers in our own lives. Start with your dietary danger zones (e.g., times snacking at your desk, while driving, when bored, at social events or restaurants, etc.) and begin recording a log of any events, experiences or situations that act as a…

Holiday Eating: Alcohol, Appetizers, and Desserts! Oh My!

…normal exercise routine. Try to workout early in the morning to avoid schedule conflicts in your day and/or have a backup plan. If you cannot make your normal fitness class or training session always know you can get a great body weight workout at home in just 15 minutes. Try a circuit of push-ups,…

Leveraging Digital Health In Group Training

…Health Group Training The best trainers in the industry already have a knack for connecting with and organizing their client's variables into periodization tables and detailed training logs. Making a successful transition to virtual coaching in small groups will solely depend on the willingness…

12 Fitness Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

…of professional services and an NASM instructor based in Chandler, Ariz. crosscore-usa.com; $250 * Apple iPad Air “This is a great tool for client retention,” says Andrea Ausmus, NASM-CPT, CES, coach and personal trainer at the UFC Gym in Torrance, Calif. “You can use it to format workouts and…

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